Chow-Chows seit 1970
Last update: January 29, 2024

29.01.2024 - CAESAR got his breeding permit

20.08.2023 - Successful show weekend in Austria!!!

CAESAR RED, J�ngstenklasse, Very promising 1, Judge: Erwin Deutscher, A Ring of Honor 1st Place, Judge: Sigrid Jarmer, A

JAGO, Veteran class Excellent 1, Judge Erwin Deutscher, A,
Ring of Honor 2nd. Place Judge Sigrid Jarmer, A

ROMY Shang Di Li Wu, Championklasse, Excellent 1, CACA, �KS, BOB Best in Show: 3rd Place, Judge: Erwin Deutscher, A
Austrian Championesse

Photos: Christina Pleinert -

Photos: ÖKV

Chow Chow Racing Team!!!

29.04.2023 - Our Chows were successful at the ACC Clubshow in Grabow - Judge: Jester Koschinski (D)

XAYA: Excellent 2, Res.Anw. Dt. Vet.Ch, VDH, Vet. CAC Res.
JAGO: Excellent 1, Anw. Dt.Ch. VDH, Vet.CAC, Clubveteranwinner black/blue 2023
CAESAR: very promising, Best Baby, Judge: Arne Schwarz (D)

Brace: 1st Place, Best Brace, Judge: Arne Schwarz (D)

09.04.2023 - Maneblussers Cup, Belgium - Judge: Piet Roosenboom (B)

XAYA: Excellent 1, Best Bitch, BOS
JAGO: Excellent 1, Best Veteran
CAESAR: very promising, 1st Place

27.03.2023 - JAGO's son, Caesar (Caesar Red v.h. Sporrings Huyske) has moved in with us!!!

10.07.2022 - Great success for (right) in Neuss: German Winner 2022, BOS, CACIB, CAC, VDH-CHA for judge Henning Schenk (D)

09.07.2022 - Romy (right) takes BOS, best bitch, CACIB, CAC, VDH-CHA at the international show in Neuss for judge R.J. Meijerink (D)

14.05.2022 - Great success at CACIB Lingen!
JAGO: Exc. 1, Vet. CAC, Vet. VDH, BOB
ROMY: Exc. 1, VDH-CHA, CAC, CACIB, BOS and Best Bitch
Judge: Dr. W. Peper (D)

Ring of Honour Brace class: 3rd Place for judge Willi G�llix
Ring of Honour Veterans: 3rd Place for JAGO for judge E. Deutscher (A)

13.11.2021 - At the LG Show in Herne Jago went BOS, V1, Best Veteran, Vet. CAC ACC/VDH. Romy took V1, VDH-CHA, Res. CAC and Romy & Jago took Couples Class 1st place for judge J. Koschinski

24.10.2021 - At the IDS Salzburg JAGO got BOB & Alpensieger and Romy took BOS & Alpensiegerin!!!

Judge: Monika Blaha (A)

25.09.2021 Nat. Ausstellung of the DCNH in Dutenhofen, Judge Jan Meijerink

Romy V 1, VDH-CHA, CAC, BOB Open Class
XAYA V 1 VDH-CHA, CAC Res. Champion Class
Jago V 1, VDH-CHA, CAC, BOS Champion Class

14.09.2021 - Great success on the CCiD Clubshow 2021

Judge: Paolo Gusberti (CH)

JAGO: V1, VDH-CHA, Championclass
XAYA: V1, VDH-CHA, CAC und Club Wibber, Champion Class
ROMY: V1, VD-CHA & Res. CAC, Open Class
XAYA & JAGO: Winner Brace Class

CCiD Clubschau 2021 »

25.03.2021 - Zeus, 13 months »

01.03.2021 - Romy had 7 wonderful puppies!!!

26.01.2021 - Romy is expecting Puppies!!!

20.09.2020 - Our Chow-Chow meeting in Herkenbosch was a big success with with 34 participants and 23 dogs!!!

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15.01.2020 - Our Z-Litter was born on 15.01.2020. Mother ROMY is lovingly taking care of her offspring.

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17.&18.08.2019 - Great success in Austria!!! JAGO & XAYA took 2nd Place in Brace Class under judge Erwin Deutscher (A) in Innsbruck!

ROMY Shang Di Li Wu, Best Junior, Junior Alpensieger

22.06.2019 - At the Clubshow of the CCiD e.V. JAGO and XAYA went each Club Winner black for judge Karel Horak (SK) - we are very proud!!!

15.06.2019 - Huge success for JAGO & XAYA on the ACC e.V. Clubshow - JAGO took BOB and Club Winner black and XAYA went Club Winner black for judge Alexandra Palaghie-Jors (RO)

JAGO and XAYA also took 1st place in brace class!

06.2019 - We had a short holiday in Belgium

17.11.2018 - GREAT success for "Team Sittardsberg" in Kortrijk!! JAGO and XAYA went both BENELUX WINNER 2018!!! ROMY made BEST PUPPY!!!

01.09.2018 - JAGO's daughter, Romy Shang Di Li Wu has joined our family!!!

23.08.2018 - XAYA is now International Championesse!!!

12.08.2018 - JAGO & XAYA were placed respectively 3rd and 4th at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam - we are very proud of both of them!

02.06.2018 - XAYA was BOS in Lommel (B). Judge: Mr. Lokodi (RO). She has therewith completed the requirements for the Belgian Champion title!!!

21.05.2018 - JAGO took BOB in Venray - his third BOB in the Netherlands this year!!!!

29.04.2018 - An impression from the ring of honour - Brace Class, Xaya & Jago

28.04.2018 - Xaya did it again! She got in Lingen Excellent 1, VDH-CHA., CC, CACIB & BOS and Jago made Excellent 1, VDH-CHA-,CAC, Rest. CACIB. Judge: Mr. Arne Schwarz (D)

22.04.2018 - GREAT SUCCESS FOR JAGO at the NCCC CLUBHOW!!! He became BOB & CLUBWINNER 2018!!!

XAYA got Excellent 2 in Champion Class.

JAGO & XAXA - 1. Place Brace Class

21.04.2018 - XAYA made BOS in Antwerp!!! She has therewith fulfilled the requirements for the International Champion title

07.02.2018 - Red Rose vom Sittardsberg (Chou-Chou) celebrates her 14th birthday today!!!

02.02.2018 - JAGO made BOB, CACIB, CAC in Eindhoven (NL) - a great start of the year 2018!!!

Xaya, Eindhoven 2018

Our trip to the DRACULA DOG SHOW 2017 was a big success!!! We returned with 3 new Romanian Champions and got the Cruft's Qualifications!!!


With judge Vija Klucniece

With judge Alexandra Jors

With judge Calin Margineau

With judge Rafael de Santiago

02.09.2017 - JAGO finished the title LUX CH.!!!

20.08.2017 - JAGO and XAYA made BOB & BOS in Mechelen (B) at the Sint-Romboutscup!!!

JAGO is therewith new Belgian Champion!!!

17.07.2017 - XAYA with our grandson

XAYA got Excellent 1 CACL, CACIB & BOS in Luxembourg!!!

Photo: Stine Hjelme - thank you!

30.04.2017 - Impressions from our Chow-Chow walk in Herkenbosch (NL).

Jago with his daughters (Xaya & Xabena (Lola)

A son of Jago

JAGO is now officially
German Champion Club
Netherlands Champion!!!

13.03.2017 - We are very saddened that we had to let our TOPAS vom Sittardsberg cross the Rainbow Bridge ...

17.12.2016 - GRAND year finish for JAGO!!! He went BEST OF BREED at the Kerstshow in Gorinchem and was placed 3rd in Group V - we are over the moon!!!

Photo: Ernst von Scheven

20.11.2016 - JAGO goes BEST OF BREED at the EURODOGSHOW in Kortrijk and is ranked 4th in the Ring of Honour by judge Norman Dechuymere!!!

Photo: Stephan Eickershof / FUNKE Foto Service

03.10.2016 - Impressions from our Chow-Chow Autumn Walk in Duisburg

More photos

22.10.2016 - JAGO goes BEST IN SHOW in Grosskarlbach for judge Monika Blaha (A)!!!

22.06.2016 - JAGO chiling in the garden ...

Quicksilver vom Sittardsberg - 05.05.2002 - 13.07.2016

Silvi had 14 good years ...

18.06.2016 - JAGO became International Champion in Uden !!!

Photos of the day

26.06.2016 - THe Sittardsbergs training in Holland

Saarlandsieger & new German Champion VDH!!!!

15.05.2016: JAGO became Saarlandsieger 2016, Exc 1, VDH-CHA, CAC, CACIB, BOB and was ihm Ehrenring among the best 8 in the ring of honour - thank you to the judges, Peter Machetanz (D) and Ruth Wagner (L)!!!

Jago has therewith fulfilled the requirements for the title

German Champion VDH.

Happy 14th Birthday, SILVI!!!

Smile's litter was born on 22.02.2016!!!
YADE, a red girl - 500 g

Honiland Zippo, alias Jago

11.07.2015: JAGO goes BOB, CACIB & CAC for judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (A) in Oberwart

11.06.2015: XAYA visited motorsports team Konrad recently

Photo: Peter Wellinga - thank you!

23.05.2015: Jago & Smile presented themselves very well in Arnhem (NL)! Jago (Honiland Zippo) got in intermediate class Exc. 1 and Res. CACIB and CAC, and Ch. Honiland Bright Smile Exc 2

02.05.2015: Smile became CCiD ClubWinner 2015 for judge Ruth Rohrbach (USA)!!!

12.04.2015: Jago & Xaya went Best Brace at the NCCC Clubshow!!!

Topas was rated Excellent 1 in Bitches Veteran Class and is now Dutch Veteranen Champion!!!

Honiland Zippo, alias Jago
Breeding permit, HD B / ED 0

11.05.2015: New pictures of XAYA

Our first litter was born on 25.01.1985 (Mi-Pao's Orchid - Fausto van Mongolie)

More NEWS from our Kennel and our Chow-Chows ...

Our X-Litter is here!!!
1 dog black,
3 bitches black
2 bitches red,


Smile went in Giessen Exc 1, VDH-CHA, CAC Club, CACIB and BOS in open class for judge Henning Schenk (D)

Our Chows: SMILE

JAGO became Benelux Junior Winner in Louxembourg!!! Judge: Josef van Hummelen (B)

Our Chows: SMILE

JAGO training ...

Family Album:
Genk (B)


Unsere Chows: SMILE

Topas became Veteran Europasiegerin 2014!!! Judge: Waltraut Reibert (D)

Our Chows: TOPAS

Topas became Luxembourg Veteran Champion!!!

Our Chows: TOPAS

Smile became BUNDESSIEGERIN, BOB, CACIB, CAC, VDH-CHA!!!!! Judge: Jutta Mayer(D)

Our Chows: SMILE

Smile took BEST OF BREED at LuxExpo and made 3rd Place in Group V - we are so proud of her!!!
Judge: Elma Sistermann (D)

Our Chows: SMILE
Li�ge (B)

Smile went BOS & GOLDEN WINNER 2013 in Li�ge (B) for judge: J. Opara (PL)

Our Chows: SMILE
Echt (NL)

06.07.2013: Smile went BEST OF BREED in Echt (NL)!!!
Judge: Anita Gielisse (NL)

Our Chows: SMILE
Neum�nster (D)

Smile was BEST OF BREED in Neum�nster!!!

Our Chows: SMILE
Budapest (H)

15.& 16.05.2013
Impressions of Smile at the World Dog Show in Budapest

Family album: Shows
Groningen (NL)

Smile was Best of Breed
in Groningen, NL!!!

Our Chows: SMILE
Health Results

Smile's health results are in!!!

HD A 1, ED 0

Our Chows: SMILE

We wish
Rhani vom Sittardberg
Happy Birthday on her 9th birthday!!!

Family Album: RHANI
Winter time

A family day in the snow ...

Family Album: WINTER
Castrop Rauxel (D)


Smile made in Castrop Rauxel
Excellent 1, Anw. Dt.Jg.CH VDH and Club in Junior Class.
Our Chows: SMILE
Amsterdam (NL)

Smile went AMSTERDAM WINNER 2012 & BEST OF BREED on November 24th 2012 in the Netherlands!!!

Our Chows: SMILE
Grosskarlbach (D)

SMILE took BEST OF BREED in Grosskarlbach!!!
Beauty took Place 1, Vet. Anw. VDH and Club, and has therewith completed all certificates for the title Veteran-Clubsiegerin!

ALBUM: Ausstellungsbilder
Dortmund (D)


Our Chows: SMILE
Krefeld (D)

Beauty made Rheinland-Veteranensiegerin and Smile Rheinland-J�ngstensiegerin. Smile was among the best 6 in the ring of honour!

ALBUM: Show picures
Genk (B)

Beauty went Best of Breed in Genk (Belgium) and was placed 3rd in the Veteran Ring of Honour!!!

Our Chows: BEAUTY

Victoria has been confirmed as
international Champion

Genk (B)

Victoria was successful again in Belgium:

BOS (Best Bitch), Ambiorix Winner 2012, CAC

Austrian Champion

Topas got excellent 1 and CACA at the Austrian Bundessieger Show on September 24 in Tulln. She has now fullfilled all requirements for the Austrian Champion title.

Our Chows: TOPAS
Behavioural Test

Topas & Victoria & INU successfuly passed the behavioural test of the German Akita Club - see them here with Claudia & Sabrina A. (left), assistant at the trial.

Our Chows
Innsbruck (A)


Topas went BOB / Best of Breed on Sunday in Innsbruck!!!

Our Chows: TOPAS
Dortmund (D)

Judge: Jack Trick (GB)

Beauty made 2nd place, Res. VDH-ChA & CAC at the FCI Centennial Show.
Our Chows: BEAUTY
Luxemburg (LUX)

Judge: Anita GIELISSE (NL)

Our Breed Group made 3rd place with 10 groups entered in Luxembourg!

Our Chows: TOPAS
Our Chows: BEAUTY
Wichjen (NL)

Judge: P. Roosenboom (B)

TOPAS took Best of Breed in Wijchen (NL) for judge P. Roosenboom (B)!

Our Chows: TOPAS

Genk (B)

Judge: August de Wilde (B)

Topas: Exc. 1, CACIB, CAC Winner Limburg 2010
Victoria: Exc. 1, Res. CACIB, REs. CAC

Our Chows: TOPAS


12. & 13.06.2010
Our Chows were successful in Erfurt!

On Sunday our Breed Group also took 2nd place out of 7 Groups.

Our Chows: TOPAS
Our Chows: BEAUTY

Welcome to our

hobby kennel in Duisburg, Germany!
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Z�chter im VDH - 2016

Although the Chow will always remain our first true passion, through Heinz' increased judging activities in the past few years, we have discovered the Akita Inu as another fascinating breed.


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