Chow-Chows seit 1970
Claudia with our Chow-Ladies & INU, our rescued Saarloos-Wolfshond

Our own Hobby-Kennel: Chow-Chows vom Sittardsberg

Ay-Ching vom Sittardsberg with her first Litter

Attila, Aramis & Ay-Ching
The A-Litter v. Sittardsberg
Right from the beginning it was clear that our kennel would be kept small. The dogs share the house with us and that hasn't changed since.

In the early 1980ies we got a bitch from far away Canada: Mi-Pao's Orchid.

By 1985 the first litter "vom Sittardsberg" was expected. We had chosen the red dog Fausto van Mongolie from the famous kennel "van Mongolie" in the Netherlands as sire. Soon Attila, Aramis and Ay-Ching were running through our house and were our pride!

We kept the darkred bitch Ay-Ching vom Sittardsberg. The story of the Chow-Chows "vom Sittardsberg" had begun.

A Lifetime with Chows

Nadine with Kumari v. Sittardsberg
Nadine with Vincent and Jago
Our enthousiasm for Chows never ceased and today we could not imagine life without our furry family.

And of course our daughter, Nadine is a Chow-Fan too!

Today she is a proud Mom - her son, Vincent, will surely continue the tradition.

The perfect Chow-Home

Our Garage: a work of art by Frank Bosch
It was featured in the newspaper in 2014 ...
Mi-Pao's Orchid
A few years back we had our garage painted - with a chow of course! The artist is Frank Bosch from Duisburg. This way Ay-Ching vom Sittardsberg still guards our home today.







We had our first litter with Mi-Pao's Orchid. This sketch (see right) had been prepaired by the Landesgruppe Hansa as exhibitor present for the ACC Clubshow in Nenndorf.

The attractive red coat, a blue tongue, a proud attitude ... Claudia was enchanted!

Our dream of owning a Chow-Chow one day, finaly came true in 1970. The Chow girl Ay-Ching moved in with us and fulfilled all our expectations. With this dignified bitch we had found the perfect breed for us!

For more than a decade we had been dedicated Chow-Owners, when we decided to have our first litter.
Heinz is a Specialist Judge for Chow-Chows since 1993 ...
... and for Akitas and American Akitas since 2009 ...
... and since 2010 for Old English Mastiffs.

Claudia with Topas vom Sittardsberg

Naturaly, we are very proud that our dogs have achieved a series of titles in the show ring.
Claudia with Ay-Ching (I) and ARRAS
Claudia with ARRAS

Allgemeiner Chow-Chow-Club e.V.